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Power raking/dethatching

Dethatching, is a great way to remove the buildup of excess dead plant  material, improve water and nutrient flow to the roots and to stimulate  new grass growth. Heavy thatch can choke grass plants, protect weeds and  insects from the chemicals that fight them, and increase runoff from  rain and watering. 

Core Aeration

This is essential to get air, water and nutrients directly to the  turf roots. The healthier your root system is the healthier your lawn  will be. Fertilizer and overseeding are much more effective when performed immediately afterwards.

Spring Cleanup

We remove leaves, branches, and debris from lawns, beds, drives, walks,  and patios. Also prune any dead branches, and cut any perennials left  from the previous season.

New Sod

If you are looking for a luxurious carpet type lawn, new sod may be the  option for you. We have several types to choose from that will best fit  your needs.

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Rest assured, no matter what project  you need completed, the team at Affordable Landscaping will be able to  handle the job. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be present  each week at your property to discuss any needs or questions you may  have. From just basic Lawn Maintenance, Fertilizing to New Sod to Landscaping to Bush Trimming to Gutter Cleaning and Snow Removal..........


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